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Mrosz Media is a woman-owned business. Created June, 2021, during the COVID-19 outbreak, CEO and Founder, Emily Mrosz wanted to provide local Michigan businesses, restaurants and artisans with an affordable digital marketing solution to help them succeed. With 15 years of digital marketing experience, and a Master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from Michigan State, Emily is an expert at optimizing digital marketing strategies to improve brand awareness, engagement, website traffic, and return on investment. As a data and analytics geek, she loves uncovering insights to improve upon marketing initiatives. When Emily is not working on creating stellar marketing strategies, she is a devoted mother and wife. She enjoys cooking, traveling, hiking, crafting, movies, yoga and video games. 

CEO & Founder - digital marketing strategies

What We Can Bring To Your Business

New Energy (new moon): This is the perfect time to get excited about a new beginning! For some people it may seem like the sky is the limit and for others it can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help you plant the seeds of invention, focus and plan so that your launch is a success.

Fresh Perspective (waxing crescent): Our expertise can help you gain a fresh perspective. We’re here to assist you by conceptualizing, ideating and focusing on the details.

Problem Solving (first quarter moon): If you’re experiencing momentum challenges or looking for ways to foster new growth, we can help you pay attention to what’s working and discover what’s missing. We can help you formulate a plan of action and guide projects to completion.

Creative Content (waxing gibbous moon): We love storytelling! We will listen, research, imagine, identify, edit and refine. We are here to help nurture your relationships with patrons through digital marketing strategies.

Strategic Planning (full moon): When a project is successful there is nothing more satisfying. We find joy in project management, data analysis and organization. We use insights, current trends and technology to implement digital marketing strategies that can help your business blossom.

Clear Communication (waning gibbous): We believe in clear and constant communication. In order to form happy and fulfilling relationships, we strive to always be transparent and realistic when it comes to expectations.

Leadership (waning crescent moon): We value service and trust above all else. We promise to be honest and to share our knowledge with you. We rely on insights, analytics, and take the time to reflect, so that we can guide our clients to a luminous future.

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