How To Promote Your Business On Social Media

Create A Business Page

promote your business page

Create a social media business page on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Make sure to upload your business logo and create a cover photo for your business. You’ll also want to include details about your business in the page description, like your hours of operation, what services you offer and why you’re different then your competitors. Getting your social media page set up is the first important step to promote your business on social media. 

Encourage Customers To Tag You

Encourage your audience to take a photo and tag your business when purchasing items, enjoying experiences you’ve created or specific services you offer. It’s a good idea to clearly communicate your business page handles with signage, in a prominent place, so that customers can tag you in posts and follow your social pages. 

promote your business with tagging on social

Start A Blog

promote your business with a blog

Another way you can promote your business on social media is by creating a blog. You can create blogs about business promotions, events, or ways your business is giving back to the community. A blog is also a great place to announce new products and seasonal offers. For example, if you own a restaurant you can blog about your delivery menu and how your team prepares each order with care. Each blog can be shared as a social media post to help you create original content that markets your business, gets people to your website and increases your sales. 

Claim Your Business

Claim your Google+ business page and update your business information, hours of operation, services, contact information and add photos. This is also where you will want to monitor customer reviews and respond to their feedback. A Google + business page is a wonderful way to promote your business, help people discover your website and learn how to contact you.

promote your business by claiming your Google page

Share Videos

promote your business by sharing videos

If you want to grow your social media presence and increase your website traffic, now is the time to start creating video content. You can share videos that educate your customers about your services and products, or provides them with tips they can apply at home. Video is also a great way to have fun and introduce your staff. You’ll want to promote your business with an identity video, how to videos, and if possible, a testimonial video featuring customers who’ve had a positive experience.

Use Photos

It’s 100% worth it to hire a photographer to take high quality photos of your products and wares, food and beverage offerings, as well as the services you offer. Encourage customers to take their own photographs and upload their images to Google and Instagram. Have them tag your business and share images of their favorite items and experiences. 

promote your business by sharing photos

Develop A Content Calendar

promote your business by using a content calendar

A great social media content calendar should include these elements: The exact date and time the post is going live. The social network and account where the post will be published. The post’s copy and creative assets (i.e. photos or videos). Links and tags to be included in the post. Also its good to include  any additional relevant information (e.g. is this an Instagram feed post or a Story?). At Mrosz Media, we can help you get started with this today

Advertise on Facebook & Instagram

Lastly, you can promote your business on social media with Advertising. It’s an affordable way to reach a large amount of consumers in a short amount of time. You can structure your ads to target the right people, or those who live in your community. If you have some room in your budget, try taking advantage of advertising on Facebook and Instagram to get more people interested in your business products and services. Reach out to us to get started. 

promote your business with social media advertising
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