Marketing For The Holidays

Get The Word Out Early

marketing for the holidays

Make sure your prepared for the most wonderful time of the year! Mark each holiday on your calendar, draft and schedule social media posts announcing your holiday offerings ahead of time. Marketing for the holidays can be easy with festive digital banner ads for your social profiles and website. Reach out to local radio stations, community events and consider advertising at holiday markets/festivals. Send an email out to your customers ahead of time announcing holiday deals and promotions.

Provide A Merry Customer Experience

Decorations help to make the season merry, magical and bright. Whether you’re decorating your storefront window display, rethinking your packaging, creating a cozy experience for restaurant guests or helping your customers relax and shed holiday stress, you’ll want to create a joyous holiday space that is comfortable, welcoming, warm and inviting. 

marketing for the holidays

Show Gratitude & Give Back

marketing for the holidays

It’s the time of year to reflect on what matters most and show others you care. One way to build lasting positive relationships within your community is to offer a share of your holiday proceeds to a local charity of your choice. You can also have donation boxes for charity at check out and encourage customers to give what they can. Another way to show gratitude, and thank your customers for their business, is by adding in a small free gift with purchase. 

Create Social Media Moments

Marketing for the holidays can be fun. Whether your crafting Instagram worthy holiday backdrops that make your customers want to strike a pose and tag your business, or sharing cheerful videos of staff, holiday raffle giveaways, and seasonal décor, there are plenty of ways to get your customers excited about the holidays! Offer a holiday contest or raffle on your social media channel. Encourage customers to share your posts, comment and “like” your pages to be entered to win.

marketing for the holidays

Connect & Share A Personal Story From The Year

marketing for the holidays

An email inbox can feel more personal than a public post. Reflect on all your business has accomplished and think of a positive win that happened over the course of the year. Write up your story, whether you accomplished a business goal, increased sales, were able to expand or donate to the community. Thank your customers for contributing to your win. Don’t forget to include a call to action in your email, to draw them back to your business with a holiday discount or giveaway.

Plan Ahead For Next Year

As you approach the end of the year, this is the perfect time to reflect on your goals, evaluate what’s worked well and what hasn’t? Based off the year’s performance, set new goals for your business, update your digital content (website, blog, social posts, videos), so that it’s fresh and on trend. Plan ahead when it comes to marketing for the holidays next year. It’s the perfect time to shift gears or change direction, so that your set up for success in the new year. We can help you prepare. Contact us today! 

marketing for the holidays
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